Our products and our farm

Elephant Gardens brand offers you farm-to-jar goodness. We like things simple — no unpronounceables, nothing dicey. But we also like things to be interesting — and that’s why our motto is “Surprise your tastebuds.” Our Roasted Pepper Jam, for example, has a nip of Root Liquor® in it — that unexpected taste kick that transforms eating into a real experience.

Our products are created in collaboration with professional chefs. They work closely with everyone at Blue Elephant Farm, which is 75 extraordinary acres, in agricultural use since the eighteenth century. It has had many lives, once a dairy farm, later a horse farm, and now in the 21st century a gentleman’s farm that provides organic fruit and vegetables for the restaurant Supper in Philadelphia.

Renovation of the farm began in 2009. Our challenge was to put a unique imprint on the property, maintaining its rural beauty and enhancing it with new purpose.

Our farm, with its fieldstone farmhouse, 1930s stone barns and rolling fields is a beautiful place to be. Split rail fences divide the horse and livestock pastures. Two acres of organic vegetables and fruit are patrolled by a flock of guinea hens, our organic pest control, and Great Pyrenees dogs protect the flocks from coyotes and other predators.

We use organic seeds and look for varietals that have the best nutrients. For instance, we have selected tomatoes with far more lycopene than other varietals. Lycopene has twice the antioxidants of beta carotene and has been shown to be an important nutrient for the health of everyone’s skin. It has also been linked to improved prostate health in men.