Elephant Gardens surprises your tastebuds with unusual combinations of flavors, to bring a fresh approach to eating.

Here are 10 surprising facts about elephants to share with young people in your life.

  • Elephants can live as long as 70 or 80 years.
  • An adult female elephant may weigh 6,000 pounds. A male, up to 15,000 pounds. (A average sedan car weighs only about 4,200
  • Elephants talk to each other with rumble sounds in their stomachs. When they want to call or alert another elephant, they use their trunks as a trumpet.
  • Elephants also use their trunks to cool themselves, spraying river water over themselves like a shower. Their skin wrinkles trap some of the water to help keep them cool.
  • An elephant’s trunk is part nose, part upper lip and part “hand,” so they can grab things.
  • Elephants eat grasses, bamboo, bark and roots. If they get near a sugar cane planting, they devour the canes. It’s obvious they  have a sweet tooth!
  • We say “an elephant never forgets,” because elephants have great memories, and can remember how to travel long distances to old  watering holes if there is a drought where they are now.
  • It takes 22 months in the womb before an elephant is born!
  • A baby elephant is called a calf. They generally weigh 200-250 pounds at birth.
  • It takes a baby elephant months of muscle exercises to gain control of its trunk.

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REUSE your Elephant Gardens jars

Elephant Gardens products come to you in a traditional canning jar, a good solid American product. There’s plenty of life left in the jar after the last spoonful of Roasted Tomato Jam or Root Liquor® Pepper Jelly. So wash it out, soak off the labels and get set to have some fun. Click Here or Here to see lots of ways to reuse the jars.

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